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Monday, May 16, 2011


This is what I've been doing:

creating leopard spots! I'm not sure yet whether I am going to call this one done or not....the verdict is still out! I will be participating in a barn sale this fall that can be viewed here: and this will go there if it has not already sold at the Butter Churn between now and then.

I've had a bad head/neck ache today, and I'm thinking that working on this tonight was maybe not the best decsion...what do you think? LOL. This table is maybe 14" longish and 12" widish. Those spots took me a total of (at least) 5 hours. Yup. I'm nuts. And the 2nd coat is not on the white part yet. I normally find this very theraputic....when my head/neck doesn't hurt! :)

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