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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, I haven't shared any finds as of late, simply because I've lacked the will and the effort...sorry. I'll make it up to you now, though.

The following actually came from the flea market, where I scored these vintage pillows that were hand-um....quilted? who knows how many years ago? All for the high price of a whopping $3.00. Yup. Really.
The rest of these, I actually ditched my son while he was getting root canals done and went across the street to the Goodwill. The best part of this story is that after he got done, he just walked across the street and waited on me in the Jeep while I shopped....I had no idea. Gotta love that.

Can you believe I found this baby still on the card??? Yeah, me either. But here she is, in all her cardy glory.....

she was a little on the pricey side, weighing in at $2.99 and was full price, which is basically against my Goodwill religion...but just this once....I did it.

Next, I found the pretty pink and white flowery chic-y sheet for .99 as-is, because the sides were a bit "chewed", then it was also 50% off, so I got it for .49, and Anna and I have already converted it into some fabric balls. They are awesome. The ice bucket up there will remain mine for the time goes back to my love of typography. Can't let it go. The 2...not sure where it will end up just yet, but I have some ideas. It was all of a quarter. Oh---I paid full-price for the ice bucket, too. $2.99. The tray came from the same person as the pillows up there ^^^^ and it was a buck. It will also be converted at some point. Hanging there on the tray is a pair of vintage ballet slippers that have been repurposed as a pot pouri *sp?* holder....for a quarter, they had to be mine. I will put them in my booth, though. They don't fit here, or I'd keep them. Or, if I knew someone who was having a girl...maybe I should hold onto them....since 2/3 of my sisters are...ahem...with child. (For you, Betsy. I didn't say the *other* word. Aren't you proud of me???)

Last, I bought these for work, and totally went against my religion of buying policies on these, too. How could I resist the glass with CC already printed on it when I work at the Crystal Couture store??? Yeah, I couldn't. So I forked out another $2.99 for it...and then a full-price glass for $1.99...but we need these, and that is less than if we got it at the antique stores, so...well...had to. I can see the jewels in them now. :)

So, there you have it. Totally not a Twinkle post, but totally fun, right? I'll get to the Twinkle post, promise. Just not tonight.

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