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Sunday, March 7, 2010


I start this blog (and my NEW WEBSITE: with much optimism and excitement for the future it holds; I am excited to be thinking creatively {again} and putting those creative thoughts to work. I hope you will follow my blog and enjoy this adventure with me.....stay tuned.....I've never heard anyone tell me I'm boring!

(The inspiration for this card I made is my friend, Sarah, who was diagnosed last April, I believe, with breast cancer. This girl, also a diabetic and a mother, has shown me how to find optimism in ANY situation. What an inspiration she is, and what a lucky person I am to have been a part of her life. Please pray for her, her husband, Dave, and their daughter, Bella. To read more about her story, please visit her CaringBridge page here:

Thanks for stopping by! (Does *your* optimism wear combat boots and roar???? I hope so!)

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